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FROM:  Mike McHenry
I’ve contacted the tour company and they have agreed to an extra week for us to add attendees as our target is 30, preferably more!! The Naval Base has pulled out all the stops to accommodate us and we’re very much looking forward to seeing TODAY’S Navy. I would be grateful if you could contact anyone that might be on the fence and discuss the pros of attending; in addition to the comradery of seeing and talking to old friends, the Naval War College and Training Establishment might also be selling points. If folks can’t attend the entire Sunday-Wednesday October 13-17th Reunion, we can work around previous commitments to have them with us for a portion of that time.

Anne & I look forward to meeting and seeing each of you in Rhode Island. Should there be specific questions, I’m available at (757) 244-6648, or email as above, to assist.

Warm Regards Mike  

* * * * 2018 REUNION  - NEWPORT, RI * * * *


Steve Luttrell and Ila
Mike McHenry and Anne
Joe Mitchell and Sheila
Jerry Butler and Elizabeth
Dick Marcham and Nancy
Duane Ference and Marge Cornish
Jerry Hansen and Louise
Paul Goldberg and Snookie
Joe Bauer and Daughter (Susan MacDade)
Casey Jones
Roger Eberhardy
Art Hall and Joyce and Susan Martinson
Tom DiGiorgio and Daughter Diane
Bruce Wylie and Adrienne Hardesty
Don Hempstead and Jane

(Your names to be added here)